Scandals, Boycotts And Mysteries: Controversial Episodes In The History Of The Olympics Games

The history of the Olympic Games is dotted with medals and great achievements, but also with dark moments that have marked the events in five circles in an indelible way.

Let us go and see which were the most sensational cases.

Ben Johnson

Seoul 1988: The race of races, the one that absolutely you have to win. The 100 metres. Ben Johnson dominated, overcoming the rival Carl Lewis with a new world record: 9.79. A show of force impressive from the Canadian, that allowed him to turn around to the left and to rejoice even before crossing the finish line.

But His joy will last a couple of days. The results of the doping test revealed the positivity of Johnson to steroids and the second opinion confirmed. He lost the gold medal as well as the triumph in the world championship of 1987. In the course of the years to follow, you will find that even Lewis, the third-placed Linford Christie and the other participants in the final had they made use of prohibited substances. That’s why the journalist Richard Moore called it “the race to the dirtiest ever.”




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