Football Players Who Were Already Rich Before They Turned Pro

We’ve always been used to seeing them live extra-luxury lives, but what would the players be like if they hadn’t started earning money from the ball? Between those who grew up in poverty in favelas and those who forced their parents to make huge sacrifices, today’s champions share their humble origins.

Yet there are a small number of players who were already rich even before they signed their first millionaire contract.

1. Götze

The footballer who made German football history for giving Germany its fourth world title is the son of one of the most famous university professors in Germany. Professor Götze teaches at Dortmund University and is also a scientific collaborator at Yale University.

And certainly, the footballer from Borussia Dortmund didn’t need to find social redemption in the ball, on the contrary. This also applies to many other colleagues. That even before they were footballers, they were already well off. And some even very rich.




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