Great Players More Committed In The Social

Very often we hear (and we’ve said it ourselves) that footballers are just spoiled rich people who earn a lot of money, basically, to play. How many times, in fact, have you said/heard the phrase: “Given the money they earn could at least …” closed in various ways, depending on the case.

However, there are several players who, mindful of their childhood or simply out of good heart, decide not to think only of themselves, helping those in need with donations or concrete actions. Let’s go and see, then, the players most involved in such works.

Sadio Manè

“Why would I want 10 Ferraris, 20 diamond-studded watches or two planes? What could these things do for me or for the world? I’ve starved, I’ve had to work in the fields, I’ve survived hard times, playing barefoot football. I haven’t had an education and many other things but today, with what I earn from football, I can help my people.”

These beautiful words from last October would be enough to understand Sadio Manè’s thought and heart. To these, however, we also add the facts. Liverpool’s strong offensive outside donated almost 300,000 euros to Senegal to build a school so that local children can educate themselves, contributed to the construction of a stadium, also donating clothes and shoes. He also donates 70 euros a month to the poor in a region of his home country.




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