The 10 Most Famous Vegan Athletes In The World

Eating or not eating meat is everyone’s personal choice. The diatribes about whether a man needs to eat vegetable protein or whether he can survive without it have certainly not ended. On both sides, there are as many supporters as there are opponents.

In this article, we will not go into the benefits of a vegan or omnivorous diet. But we will simply introduce you to the ten most famous sportsmen and women who, thanks to a vegetarian diet, have managed to achieve important results.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams is one of the most famous tennis players in the world, naturally vegan. In 2011 she was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease, which led her first to adopt a plant-based diet. After some time, she decided to follow a completely vegan diet. Her diet was mainly based on raw foods.

Her sporting successes have shown that this type of diet has not affected her athletic abilities, on the contrary, as she says, it has even improved her health and performance. Venus Williams claims that raw and organic foods help her body to maintain an optimal shape at all times. In any case, as she says, in order to sustain the calorie consumption necessary for her activity as a professional athlete, she doesn’t miss her proposition of pasta, bread and rice every day.




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