The Most Important Moments In Leo Messi’s Life

1. Birth

We couldn’t start at a different time. On 24 June ’87 Jorge Horacio Messi and Celia María Cuccittini conceived their third child and named him Lionel. He was born at the Italian hospital Garibaldi and no one could have imagined that that day the great football star of the early 21st century would be born, the one who would mark an era.

2. The first football kicks at Abanderado Grandoli

Messi wasted no time in taking the first steps with the ball attached to his left foot. Standard Bearer Grandioli was his first club, the one where he started, the team where he learned the most basic aspects of football. And today there is pride in those beginnings. The president of the club, David Tevez, told El Confidencial that “people said that the Grandoli would have the next Maradona




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