Top 8 Shocking Doping Scandals in Sports

Doping has always been one of the main problems in sport. Many athletes have used prohibited substances to improve their performance, and many after being discovered had to return the trophies they won.

Here the Top 8 Shocking Doping Scandals in Sports.

Marion Jones – Sydney 2000

She was the queen of athletics at the Australian Olympics, from which she took home five medals (three gold, in the 100m and 200m and in the 4x400m relay and two bronze, in the long jump and in the 4x100m relay), but in 2007, after being accused of doping and after her involvement in the investigation of an American family pharmaceutical company, BALCO, it was she herself who declared that she had taken prohibited substances before, during and after the Sydney Olympic Games and returned the medals won on that occasion.

A few days later the IAAF invalidated all the performances of the American company from 2000 to 2004, including the relay races.




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