Strangest Sports In The World

Did you get tired of classic sports? Are you fed up with football, volleyball, tennis and swimming? Well, then you should read this article. We’ve found some bizarre sports for you around the world. Some were even Olympic sports that appeared over the years and then quickly disappeared. From pigeon shooting to sheep shearing, from pillow fights to long jump with horses.

Are you ready to embark on this fun journey to discover the strangest sports in the world? One, two, three… Go!

Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling is based on the athlete’s ability to catch a cheese that rolls from a slope. The sports competition of Cheese Rolling, or “rolling cheese”, is therefore based on running.

This bizarre “sport” is played at an event held once a year on Copper Hill near Brockworth and Cheltenham, England. The competitors have to engage in a race chasing a cheese wheel that rolls down the steep slope. The winner is whoever catches the cheese first. The speed of the cheese descent can be up to 70 miles an hour.




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