Touching Moments of Fair Play in Sports

“The important thing is not to win, but to participate” Baron Pierre de Coubertin liked to explain. Wise and enlightened words that have remained indelible over time and have been transformed into extraordinary examples of Fair Play. From athletics to football, swimming, tennis and other disciplines, over the years Sport has been able to conquer the front pages of all newspapers with great gestures of loyalty.

Here are Touching Moments of Fair Play in Sports.

The advice of Luz Long

Always illuminated by the flame of his torch, symbol of sportsmanship, peace and brotherhood, the 1936 Berlin Olympics are still remembered for the advice that the German athlete Luz Long gave to the American Jesse Owens.

At the decisive moment of the long jump final, the home jumper suggested to his opponent the best way get off the ground and jump into the sand. An indication that Owens took literally with the jump that earned him the gold medal right in front of Long and under Adolf Hitler’s eyes.




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