10 Undefeated World Boxing Champions

Keeping one’s record spotless for so long is not easy and even less so for a world champion, who has to face fierce challengers ready to do anything to rip his belt off. Few have in fact been the champions in the history of boxing to have retreated undefeated saying enough at the right time or seeing themselves forced to hang up their gloves by force majeure.

Each of them has received accusations, more or less sharable, of having been protected and facilitated in the choice of rivals or by some jury, but their feat of leaving to zero the number of “red boxes” of their record remains in any case worthy of admiration. Protected or invincible, then? We leave the answer to you by proposing a list of 10 world champions unbeaten until the end!

Terry Marsh (26-0-1)

This super-light British fighter, nicknamed “The Fireman Boxer”, was unstoppable in collecting titles and victories. British, European and world champion, Marsh was forced to retire after a single IBF title defence when he was diagnosed with epilepsy.

His accusation to promoter Frank Warren that he had asked him to fight even though he knew of his illness caused a stir; Warren sued Marsh for defamation but lost the case in court.




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