Weird Olympic Sports That No Longer Exist

Let’s go instead to discover the disciplines that were protagonists at the Games in the past, but then – for one reason or another – were discarded.

Let’s operate the time machine and go to see some of the most unlikely sports that have become part, even if only for one edition, of the Olympic Games.


Few people practice it now, but everyone knows it from seeing it in the famous Disney cartoon Alice in Wonderland. Do you remember it? The one about the Queen of Hearts who used flamingos as clubs and hedgehogs as balls.

Well, in the Paris Olympics of 1900 there were obviously no flamingos or hedgehogs, but the sport was broadly the same. The aim of the game is to pass a ball under a predetermined number of goals. It is possible to hit the opponents’ ball with your own ball to get it away from the goals. It was an Olympic sport for only one edition of the Games.




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