Worst (and Funniest) Doping Excuses In History

Let’s tell the truth. Sportsmen sometimes have more imagination than a Hollywood screenwriter. To justify the prohibited substances found in their bodies after a doping control, they told the most outlandish stories.

In most cases, the judges didn’t believe their justifications. But there are also those who convinced them. Let’s see who did it and who didn’t.

Mark Bosnich (soccer)

The Australian goalkeeper tested positive for cocaine in 2002 when he played in the Chelsea Premier League. He defends himself by claiming that he used drugs to sensitize his wife, super-model Sophie Anderton, who is a big user: “I told her that for every strip she did, I would do two.

And so it happened.” The marriage wrecked shortly afterwards and, a few years later, declared bankrupt, Bosnich admits to using cocaine for a long time and even spending $5,000 a week to buy it.




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