Worst “Traitors” In Football History

In today’s football, there are almost no longer those players who spend all or at least most of their career wearing the shirt of a single club of which they become true icons.

In contemporary football, eternal loyalty to a team is no longer contemplated and instead it is considered normal to move to different teams during one’s career. In this, the football that we follow has changed a lot since our fathers’. What hasn’t changed, however, is the fact that it was never considered acceptable to move from one team to its historical rival: this has always been considered an unforgivable betrayal. In the history of football, there are various examples of players who, having played in one team, had no problem in switching to another, their arch-enemy. Today we want to present to you here a list of the worst traitors in the history of football.

Luis Enrique – From Real Madrid to Barcelona

The first traitor on our list is nothing other than the current coach of the Spanish national football team, Luis Enrique who, after 5 years at Real Madrid, during which he won championships and cups, unexpectedly passed to Barcelona in 1996.

He will remain with the Catalans for 8 years and will win as many championships and cups. Although the passage between the two greats of Spain is unforgivable is so high for the fact that before he signed for Barça, Madrid had practically thrown him out.




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