Worst “Traitors” In Football History

Ronaldo – From Barcelona indirectly to Real Madrid and from Inter indirectly to Milan

Here we’ve come to a player you can’t hate. At the Fenomeno Ronaldo, he is forgiven for everything, even the fact that he has worn all four jerseys of the two most prestigious derbies in Europe, the Spanish one between Barcelona and Real Madrid and the Milan one between Inter and Milan. The Brazilian wore the Barça jersey for three years before switching to Inter in 1997.

He stayed with the Nerazzurri for five seasons before moving to Real Madrid. Finally, after a five-year adventure in the Merengue jersey, the Fenomeno switched to AC Milan, with whom he played for just one year before returning to Brazil. Having played for four teams of this kind is not the best from the point of view of loyalty but at least he had the courtesy to intersperse between one and the other by going to another country for a while.




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