Worst “Traitors” In Football History

Vladimir Stojkovic – From Red Star to Partizan Belgrade

Growing up in the youth of the Red Star Vladimir Stojkovic could have become a club flag. However, Serbian wanderer’s career led him to tour several European countries. So far so good, no one in his country blames him for seeking fame in the major championships of the continent as many of his countrymen have done. However, Stojkovic’s real mistake was made in 2010 when, following an excellent performance in the South African World Cup (in which he also scored a penalty kick for Lukas Podolski that allowed Serbia to triumph over Germany), he decided to return to play at home.

Perhaps forgetting the football climate in his country, the extreme defender decides that he will go to play for Partizan, the eternal rival of the Red Star. The fans of his former team will never forgive him this betrayal: before the match between Serbia and Italy valid for the European Qualifying Team 2012, they will attack him on the bus on the way to the stadium. Frightened and crying he will take refuge in the locker room of the Azzurri, bad idea Vladimir!




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