Worst “Traitors” In Football History

Mo Johnston – From Celtic indirectly to the Rangers

Born in Glasgow to a Catholic family, Mo Johnston was destined to wear the Celtic shirt. After several years with minor teams in 1984, he finally transferred to his heart team. With the Hoops, Johnston remained for three years grinding appearances and goals and winning various national titles. In 1987 he moved to the French Nantes team with whom he remained for two seasons. In 1989 he got the news that they wanted him back in Glasgow so he immediately made statements saying that Celtic was the only team in his life and that he really wanted to come back and play for them.

All is well except that the Glasgow team interested in him is actually the Rangers. The player then performs a spectacular U-turn accepting the Gers’ offer, going to play for them and declaring that they were the only team he really wanted to play for. Back in Glasgow, he will be hated by everyone: those of the Celtic don’t forgive him the betrayal, those of the Rangers for being a Catholic. He managed to redeem himself in the eyes of his new fans by scoring a hat-trick in the derby. Today he lives in London for fear of repercussions.




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