Worst “Traitors” In Football History

Luis Figo – From Barcelona to Real Madrid

At the first position of this ranking could only be the famous passage of the Portuguese ace Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid. Growing up in his home country with Sporting Lisbon, the player had established himself at European level with the Barcelona jersey to which he moved in 1995 and with which he had already won several national titles.

 Although he was an idol for the Blaugrana fans, in 2000 the Portuguese had no problem accepting a very expensive transfer to Real Madrid’s eternal rivals that broke the hearts of the Catalans. The anger of Barça’s fans towards him was such that it materialized in an episode that later became very famous: during a Clasico in 2002, a pig’s head was thrown from the stands of Camp Nou at the address of the footballer who was about to beat the corner kick, which to say, in Catalonia, they take betrayals seriously, perhaps because Barcelona and Madrid are not just football teams, on the other hand, the motto of the Blaugrana also says: “Mes que un club”.


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